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Enhanced focus on quality management throughout the project life cycle

Delivering highest standards of quality is of supreme importance in the infrastructure sector. At Welspun Enterprises, it is critical that our projects withstand the test of time for the years to come. Our consistent focus on quality over the years has enabled us to achieve this and meet & exceed stakeholder expectations across projects.

How we make a difference


Strong Quality Management Systems (QMS), with “Plan–Do–Check–Act” principle at the core of all our processes


QMS supported by comprehensive practices such as Project Quality Plans, Standard Operating Procedures, Method Statements and Checklists


Thorough evaluation, approval and monitoring of subcontracted services as per technical specifications and standards


Regular audits and reviews by reputed auditors for continual improvement


Adoption of “5 Why” analysis technique for precise root cause analysis, appropriate corrections and corrective actions that must be undertaken to avoid recurrence of identified issues (if any)


Utilization of special products in construction such as fly ash, GGBS and silica fume to develop high-strength, high performance concrete and to increase durability of structures and pavements


Leveraging advanced technologies & digitalization tools in functions for improved efficiency and productivity

Enhancing Quality through Technical Training:

Continuous training and development to enhance workmanship and overall quality of the structures
Frontline engineers, supervisors and workers from Welspun as well as subcontractor partners covered
Experienced trainers from reputed institutes as well as renowned independent consultants appointed for technical and skill upgradation training